I stop writing for a while and lean back on my chair. “It’s cool isn’t it ?” Praan doesn’t move from his writing position but glances at me,
“What is?”
“How the only reason we’re alive is because we get attached to things and people and don’t want to leave them.” At this, Praan smiles and looks at me,
“Well, you can think of it that way, but I prefer to see it as people and things not wanting to leave us.” I thought about that. He isn’t wrong. Well of course he isn’t, but the more I think about it, it just makes a lot more sense. Sometimes, I feel as if no one needs me and I could just disappear and the world wouldn’t change. Maybe it will, but it would be small subtle changes. Because in the end, I know I won’t want to leave any of my friends and family and I know they don’t want me to go. Well not yet anyways. I’m sure Praan doesn’t want me to go anywhere. I smirk at him, silently doing his work beside me. He doesn’t know about the things that go on in my mind.
“What is it?” He finally asks.
“Oh, ok.”
“C’mon, you done yet?”
“Just one more question”
“K,” I lean back on my chair, this is going to take a while. Praan writes half a page for each question. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, but you’re only supposed to write 3 sentences. I sigh internally, minutes pass and finally! He’s done! He starts putting his things away, just shoving them into his bag and lifts it over one shoulder as he stands up.
“So, uhm, are you going to the park after school?” He asks for the third time.
“Mhm sure.” I reach over and zip up his bag for him.
“Thanks, I, uh, keep forgetting to close it.”
“You’re welcome.” We stand there in awkward silence for a while.
“Well, um I better go to English now...”
“Hm? Yeah ok. See you later!” I watch him leave, idling by the tables. I’m going to be late, but... nah, I better go too.