“Cannibalism is legal, you know that?”
“Only in some places.”
“Yeah but think about it. The world is overpopulated so why not just eat each other? We would lessen the amount of people which means less damage on the environment...”
“But how would you decide who should be eaten?”
“I dunno, seems like a good idea though.” Praan sighs,
“You said you had a test today?”
“How’d it go?” Well, I don’t want to lie, I got 84%. Which isn’t a bad thing of course, but for Praan, an overachiever, anything less than 90% isn’t considered ‘good’. And I’m not exactly proud of myself for getting that score either. Still, like I said, I don’t want to lie to him, even about something as small as a short test.
“I got 84%”
“Oh ok.” He doesn’t seem impressed now does he?
“Tun, stop being so sad. 84% is a great score!”
“I know right? It’s not like I completely overlooked a minus sign or anything.” He looks at me accusingly,
“Tun, it’s just a small mistake.”
“Which lost me 2 marks.” He places a hand on my shoulder but I avoid his gaze, “Maths is supposed to be my strongest subject.”
“It is.”
“Doesn’t seem like it.”
“Tun, you being sad is only going to make your friends sad.”
“I know, I’m sorry ok?”
“Are you ok?” I lean forward a little and cover my face with my hands. Praan rubs my back as I take a deep breath. I don’t want anyone to be sad because of me. Therefore, I must act happy.
“Yep! I’m fine!”
“Are you sure—?”
“Mhm! I’m very happy about myself and you should be very proud of me!”
“You were sad a second ago... I doubt you can change that fast.”
“No, I'm happy now!”
“Is it cause you don’t want me to be sad?”
“Of course not! Maybe a little, but I’m happy! Now be happy too!!”
“Tun really? You have to actually be happy.” I let out a sigh. “You have to be happy from here,” he taps at my heart.“Your brain can tell you you’re happy and make everyone else believe that too. But you’re not happy. True happiness comes from the heart.” He quickly hides his smile and lift his hand off my back, “I uhm, sorry”
“For what? You’re great at helping me feel better.”
“Oh uhm thank you. But I don’t think you’re any less sad than you were.”
“Yeah you’re right, that amazing speech you gave about being happy hasn’t affected me at all... no, really Praan, I think you make an amazing friend.” He smiles a little and I’m certain I see a blush creeping up his face. He’s so cute when he’s happy!
“Well uhm I better go now...” he mumbles, looking down and shuffling his feet.
“Ok, see you tomorrow then.” Praan waves a little and walks off. I watch him go for a while and then sit back down on the bench.