Party scene

“Truth or dare Tun?” Said Alice. Tun knew from Alice’s look that there was no safe answer to that question.
“Fricc it. Truth then,” he knew it would cause less damage than a dare from Alice. But then she started smiling and Tun knew he was gonna die. “What is it…”
“Tun, do you take Praan as ur husband?” Around them flower petals fall and Tun can see Praan standing next to him. All his classmates are somehow sitting in a church, clapping and smiling. He takes a deep breath.
“I do.” The crowd cheers loudly.
“Praan, do you take Tun as ur husband?” Praan’s eyes meet Tun’s for a split second.
“I do.” This time the crowd is on their feet. Alice smiles with pride.
“You may kiss the groom.”